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[Road to vim master] Master cursor movement

The first installment of “The Road to the vim Master”, where you can master vim through intuitive practice. The first wall that vim newcomers hit is the way to move the cursor.

In order to master vim, it is important to train your body to learn its unique movement method. Let’s practice a lot here so that the cursor can be moved intuitively without thinking about anything and let it be memorized in the body.

The command to move vim is as follows. Please remember first.

vim move command

Move cursor upk
Move cursor downj
Move cursor lefth
Move cursor rightl

Practice of movement

Let’s practice. Press the START button below to start the practice. Move your cursor along the way and aim for GOAL. Practice repeatedly until you learn it.

Press the START button below to enter practice mode.
* Input mode switching ctrl + shift + alt + space
Guide mode
Repeat mode



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