command lab


This page explains how to use the TRAINING mode. It's so simple to use that anyone should be able to operate it intuitively. Most of the questions are automatically assigned shortcut keys on Windows and Mac, so you can practice on either OS.

Click the START button

First, click the START button shown below to start the practice mode.

Confirm the shortcut (command) contents and enter the key

The contents of the shortcut and the contents of the command are displayed in ① in the figure below. Enter the appropriate key. If the guide mode is ON, you can practice with the answer displayed in ② as it is.

If you enter the key correctly, press the ENTER key to move to the next question.

If you enter the key correctly, the word "push enter" will appear, so press the ENTER key to proceed to the next question. If repeat mode was turned on at this time, repeat the same issue, not the next one.

Explanation of each button

"PRE" & "NEXT"

"PRE" returns to the previous question. "NEXT" advances to the next question. After the last question, we return to the first one.

"Guide mode"

When you turn on the guide mode, you can practice while seeing the key input answers. If you turn it off, you can practice without seeing the answer. It is recommended to practice with the guide mode ON at first. By the way, the ON state is on the right (orange). The OFF state is on the left side (black).

"Repeat mode"

You can practice the same question repeatedly by turning on repeat mode. This mode is convenient when practicing a particular question you want to learn.