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Best for practicing vim! I made a site that can be practiced intuitively

Anyone who decides to learn vim suddenly doesn’t go as expected when coding in vim, right?

Vim has a very strong habit of operating, so if you want to use it as it is, you need to be able to intuitively handle the quirky operating method.

Therefore, we have created this practice site so that you can learn the operation method as much as possible. The preview screen switches each time you type a command, so you can intuitively check the movement and learn the commands of vim more efficiently.

First, let’s practice.

Press the START button below to enter practice mode.
* Input mode switching ctrl + shift + alt + space
Guide mode
Repeat mode
You can jump to the vim practice list from the link below.

vim exercise list

How to practice vim

The practice method is not so difficult. If you jump to the vim practice course list page from the above link, there are several courses, so select the appropriate course and jump the link. Then you will be taken to the screen where you can practice, so proceed with the following steps.

①Press the START button

Click the “START” button in the left navigation below. The screen will scroll to the proper position.

② Check the contents of the vim command

Check the command contents displayed at the top of the preview screen in the middle.

③ Input the vim command according to the contents

Enter the vim command according to the contents. By default, the guide mode is ON, so the answer command is displayed at the bottom of the preview screen. Let’s check the operation while looking at this at the beginning.

(4) After entering the correct vim command, press the ENTER key.

If you type the vim command correctly, “push ENTER” is displayed in the area where the answer of the command is displayed, so press the ENTER key. Then the next problem will be displayed, so let’s solve the problem one after another.

Let’s practice from the link below immediately

You can practice vim from the link below.

Practice vim



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